Anesthesia and Critical Care


Our anesthesia delivery systems bring advanced ICU ventilator performance and anesthesia delivery together in one easy to understand and ergonomically friendly unit


Providing secure anesthesia, we enable clinicians to continuously adapt and improve anesthesia care to match the situation at hand while maintaining stable respiratory conditions. When patients are at their most vulnerable, we give you visibility, control, and precision to provide low- and minimal flow anesthesia. Safe, cost-effective and convenient, our machines are engineered to improve forecasting and control of anesthetic agents during the induction and emergence of anesthesia.


Crowded workspaces, different patients, complex techniques – these are the challenges you face every operation, every day. That is why Getinge has developed Flow-c: a compact anesthesia machine where every detail has been designed to ease your daily work. With innovative and smart design, Flow-c helps you to create an efficient working environment to ensure the highest standards of care.


Getinge understands. That’s why they’ve created Flow-e: a flexible anesthesia machine with a smart workspace that makes your work easier. Combining innovative design with the leading features for safe and lung-protective ventilation, Flow-e ensures you’re equipped to meet every challenge in the OR. Every detail of the Flow-e has been designed in collaboration with clinicians, ensuring optimal care with high efficiency.


SERVO is the leading ventilation brand with unmatched flexibility for patients of all sizes


Maquet’s family of ventilators combines a high level of clinical performance for invasive, non-invasive or neurally controlled ventilation (NAVA) with outstanding mobility and cost efficiency. They feature all the modes you would expect from an advanced ventilation system in one adaptable platform. Three basic configurations are available: for Infants, for Adults and Universal for all patient categories. All configurations are effective for bedside use and most of them are also available in MR and HBO editions.

Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA)

Personalized ventilation provides unique patient insight and ventilation capabilities. It consists of a diagnostic tool that helps you monitor diaphragm activity (Edi) on the ventilator screen and a ventilation mode (NAVA) that uses the diaphragm activity to deliver assist adapted to the patient.

With personalized ventilation, the ventilator shows you what the patient wants, which may help you wean earlier with increased comfort, decreased sedation and reduced complications.

An active diaphragm is the first step towards successful weaning. The second step is to avoid lung injury. NAVA delivers assist in proportion to and in synchrony with the patient’s respiratory efforts.

Advanced Monitoring

Practice-oriented monitoring systems and disposables that are used for diagnosis and treatment of the critically ill patient


With the know-how of Advanced Patient Monitoring, we guide you to define the best individual treatment for patients with challenging hemodynamics conditions.

Our monitor platform is a reliable and intuitive interface that adapts to a wide range of patient types and clinical conditions for immediate diagnosis and management of cardiovascular conditions.

PulsioFlex is a modular platform with intelligent visualization for advanced hemodynamic patient monitoring. Through modular expandability and the availability of our efficient monitoring technologies, the system is able to be adapted to each patient’s individual need at any time.

Monitoring physiological parameters are essential for the goal-directed management of critical care patients. Highly invasive monitoring methods have been established in clinical practice for many years, but are increasingly the center of critical discussion. PiCCO Technology is the solution.

PiCCO Technology is the easy, less invasive and cost-efficient tool for determining the main hemodynamic parameters of critically ill patients.

ProAQT is one component of the PulsioFlex monitoring concept. Based on over 20 years of research with the PiCCO pulse contour algorithm, ProAQT allows reliable and physiological interpretation of the patient‘s hemodynamic status. The ProAQT technology supports goal-directed therapy and allows the review of interventions to assess their success.

Within minutes the monitoring range can be expanded to include variables such as blood flow, volume responsiveness, afterload, and contractility.

The ProAQT sensor is simply integrated into the existing blood pressure measurement system.

ScvO2 offers quick reacting information on the patients hemodynamic status and continuous monitoring of central venous oxygen saturation. ScvO2 is much more sensitive than blood pressure and heart frequency for detecting shock status of any origin.

LiMON is а technology for non-invasive measurement of liver function and splanchnic perfusion monitoring, based on elimination of Indocyanine Green (ICG). ICG is a fluorescent dye. It is intended for intravenous injection. The absorption and emission spectrum of ICG are both in the near infrared and infrared range. For this reason, it can be detected and quantified by optical procedures.

Measurement can be performed non-invasively through the skin. Due to the fact that ICG is eliminated in the liver exclusively, the detection rate is a valuable indicator for global liver function. The diagnostic importance of the ICG detection as an indicator for the liver function has been confirmed in numerous scientific publications and has been established for more than 30 years.

Patient Monitors

Complete picture of all your patients at a glance


Biolight’s wide range of monitoring systems – patient and fetal monitors, vital signs monitors, ECG machines and defibrillators – offer more than comprehensive and reliable data. They are designed to provide accuracy, precision, and confidence that supports clinical decision-making at every level. Through modular expandability and the availability of our efficient monitoring technologies, systems are able to be adapted to each patient’s individual need at any time – meeting your information requirements, matching your clinical setting (OR, ER, ICU) and adapted to your specific needs.

Medical Pumps

Efficient and reliable infusion therapy


Simply. Comfortably. Accurately.

Fluids and drugs infusions are basic therapies in hospitals all over the world, but they could be a great challenge, as well. We give you the comfort you need to treat all your patient who needs pump assisted infusion, either with volumetric or with a syringe-driven pump. Designed to empower nurses and doctors with their simplicity, combine user-friendly interface and functionality that can adapt to the way you work.

Simply. Comfortably. Accurately.

Working with all kind of syringes our pumps will give you the simplicity and versatility you need. Just place the syringe and start the infusion.

Simply. Comfortably. Accurately.

Whenever you need to inject more than one drug at a time this the solution for your department. Our P550 dual channel pump meets all your clinical needs, regarding the critically ill patients.

Simply. Comfortably. Accurately.

If you need a trusted partner for your intravenous therapy this is the answer. Focus, patient-oriented and accurate – these are the key features of our P600 infusion pump. Just place the IV set and start the infusion.

Medical Furniture

Modern solutions for the demanding hospital environment


With our full range of hospital beds, stretchers, bedside cabinets, medical carts, medication and treatment trolleys, dialysis and blood collection chairs, we contribute to improving the comfort of patients and health professionals. Our products are designed to help the medical staff and ensure that the patient is treated safely and effortlessly, creating a modern, secure and friendly environment for the doctors and patients.


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