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Canon Medical Systems

Canon Medical Systems offers a full range of diagnostic medical imaging solutions including CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound and MRI, across the globe. Vega Medical is the official distributor of Canon Medical Systems in Bulgaria.

A clear view of your patient
Our systems provide outstanding images that allow you and your team to make clear diagnostic decisions quickly and accurately.

A fast reassuring experience for your patients
Clearer images can mean faster exam times and a more confident diagnosis for your patient, leading to reduced anxiety and better treatment outcomes.

Meeting your business needs
Give your departmental productivity a boost with simple and consistent workflows, reduced training needs and improved workplace safety.



Canon Medical’s ultrasound systems integrate industry-leading imaging technologies, advanced applications and ergonomic features for more comfortable scans.

Aplio i-series / Prism Edition

Light your day. Color your world.
Light your day with Aplio’s new iBeam+ technology for a whole new level of diagnostic precision and imaging capability with Aplio i-series / Prism Edition.
Color your world by creating new diagnostic pathways with the abundance of advanced diagnostic and interventional tools provided, and collaborate with other modalities, peers and experts to enhance your productivity and clinical capability.

Aplio i-series

Intuitive. Intelligent. Innovative.
Aplio i-series is designed to deliver outstanding clinical precision and departmental productivity. Crystal-clear images with enhanced resolution and penetration as well as an abundance of expert tools help you get your diagnostic answer quickly and reliably.

Aplio a-series

Advanced. Seamless. Integrated.
The Aplio a-series integrates industry-leading imaging technologies, advanced applications and intuitive controls for the busy clinician in the routine imaging department. Aplio’s unique Beam technology delivers high definition images, advanced penetration and less artifacts. And with a full host of clinical applications to enhance your daily routine as well as support more complex studies, Aplio a-series is your essential ultrasound partner.

Xario g-series

Go Anywhere Anytime
Xario g-series is developed from the successful Xario Platinum Series with a new focus on mobility and productivity. Advanced features enable cable free operation throughout the hospital or clinic.

Viamo c100

By your side. Wherever. Whenever.
Introducing high image quality with full portability, seamless workflow and complete clinical versatility, Viamo™ c100 sets new standards in compact ultrasound.

Viamo sv7

Powerful imaging, small package
Viamo sv7 combines premium imaging technologies with the size and intuitiveness of a smart device. Exceptional image quality on a large, easy-to-view touchscreen makes high-quality ultrasound more accessible in a multitude of situations to facilitate procedures and to enhance clinical confidence.

Computed Tomography

Make every scan as safe as possible with advanced AI-assisted technologies that keep the dose low and the image quality high. Stand out with a CT solution that optimizes your workflow, improves patient experience and helps you save time and money every step of the way.

Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition

Innovate. Illuminate. Initiate.
Canon Medical’s Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) is combined with Deep Learning Spectral to bring you a CT system that’s designed for deep intelligence.

Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition

Transforming CT
Aquilion ONE™ / GENESIS Edition goes beyond the evolution of dynamic volume CT. Intensive clinically focused research and breakthrough technological developments have culminated in a CT system with industry-leading spatial resolution and reduced radiation dose requirements.

Aquilion Precision

Provides Twice the Resolution of Today’s CT Systems
The world’s first Ultra-High Resolution CT (UHR CT) capable of resolving anatomy as small as 150 microns, providing CT image quality with resolution typically seen only in cath labs. The UHR detector is newly designed to provide twice the resolution when compared with today’s CT technology, with an all-new detector as well as tube, gantry and reconstruction technologies.

Aquilion Prime SP

Complete Clinical Capability Assisted by AI technology
From fast patient throughput to robust cardiac scanning and new diagnostic capabilities, the new Aquilion Prime SP is a CT system of choice for all your imaging needs. Built with premium technology migrated straight from our high end CT, Aquilion Prime SP empowers your facility to handle all patients from pediatric to bariatric, even the most challenging cases, while providing all staff with a fast and efficient solution to make their work easy.

Aquilion Lightning SP

A smart investment – assisted by AI.
Are you looking for a 160 slice CT scanner that helps provide better care and safer imaging in a compact, affordable package?
Designed to operate reliably and efficiently in a busy environment, the Aquilion Lightning SP now has deep learning innovation integrated into the existing hardware to deliver high quality images in a fast, cost efficient way.

Aquilion Lightning

Better care. Safer imaging.
Aquilion Lightning™, Canon Medical Systems’ 16-row 32 slice* helical CT system for whole-body imaging, employs cutting-edge technologies to optimize patient care and accelerate clinical decision making. Innovative features ensure that high-quality isotropic images are routinely acquired with low patient dose. The workflow is streamlined, increasing patient throughput. And a wide range of advanced 3D and post processing applications provide clinical flexibility.

Aquilion Start

Start with high-end technology
Whether you are starting a new imaging business, looking for a reliable workhorse to handle increasing workloads efficiently, or expanding an established imaging business, Aquilion Start is the CT system of choice for all your routine imaging needs.
Aquilion Start is packed with premium technology originally developed for our high-end CT systems. It is carefully crafted and adapted to the changing requirements of healthcare organizations, including the need for faster workflows, universal accessibility, and sound economics.

Aquilion Exceed LB

Expand your view
Transforming radiation oncology, the Aquilion Exceed LB has a 90 cm wide bore, edge-to-edge extended reconstruction, and Canon Medical’s Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Reconstruction technology, so you can quickly obtain sharp, clear, distinct images with excellent delineation.

Aquilion LB

See the bigger picture with the largest true field-of-view
Designed to expand the dimensions of CT, Aquilion™ LB combines Canon Medical Systems’ award winning CT technologies with the advantages of a large bore platform. Aquilion LB provides a true 70 cm field-of-view (FOV) acquisition, covering more anatomy with greater accuracy than ever before.


As interventional procedures and oncology treatments increase in complexity, Alphenix flexibility supports you in delivering the best possible outcome to your patients.

Alphenix Core +

Floor-mounted multi-access single-plane system
Provides unmatched flexible patient access, the five-axis floor-mounted C-arm is ideally suited for a wide range of interventional applications.

Alphenix Sky

Features a unique ceiling-mounted C-arm to provide longitudinal and lateral coverage to support upper extremity examinations.

Alphenix Sky +

Advanced ceiling-mounted system
Advanced ceiling-mounted C-arm offers unprecedented flexibility and full body 3D imaging capability with faster acquisition, fewer artifacts and less contrast agent.

Alphenix Hybrid

Ceiling-mounted and integrated with hybrid OR
A ceiling-mounted suspended C-arm system dedicated for use with an operating table.

Alphenix Hybrid +

Advanced ceiling-mounted system integrated with hybrid OR
Dedicated for use with an operating table, advanced ceiling-mounted C-arm offers unprecedented flexibility and full body 3D imaging capability with faster acquisition, fewer artifacts and less contrast agent.

Alphenix Biplane

Multi-access biplane system
Combines the exception flexibility of a floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted C-arm combination, the biplane system is the ideal choice in complex interventional procedures.

Hybrid Angiography CT

One room. One system. Many possibilities.
With a streamlined workflow in a single setting, you no longer need to transfer the patient between rooms, improving patient care and boosting productivity. Switch easily between CT and angiography systems to diagnose, treat or verify. Across a wide range of clinical applications Alphenix 4D CT offers more possibilities to deliver safer, better treatment to your patients.

Magnetic Resonance

Canon Medical’s range of MR solutions are built with intelligent cutting-edge workflow and image-processing technologies to accelerate scans, improve diagnostic confidence and patient comfort, and deliver outstanding efficiencies across your entire business.

Vantage Galan 3T

Quiet. Digital. Quick.
Canon Medical’s Vantage Galan 3T offers a transformational experience for you and your patients in 3T Magnetic Resonance imaging. By prioritizing the patient experience while delivering the 3T imaging performance you expect and the clinical workflow you need to support a busy MRI environment, Vantage Galan 3T is designed to surpass your expectations – all delivered in a small and quiet MRI system.

Vantage Orian

Productivity. Comfort. Confidence.
Vantage Orian utilizes intelligent MR technology to boost productivity, patient comfort and clinical confidence at 1.5T. Focused on supporting exam efficiency and handling complex patient sets with Artificial Intelligence designed to accelerate exams and deliver clear images, Vantage Orian is the perfect balance to your 1.5T MRI business and clinical requirements.

Vantage Elan NX Edition

Fast. Efficient. Compact.
Now available with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based noise removal and compressed sensing scan acceleration technology inherited from our high-end MRI scanners, Vantage Elan delivers operational and clinical freedom on every front.

Vantage Orian / Encore Upgrade

Applicable to a range of Canon 1.5T models
Upgrading your existing Canon Medical MRI system to Vantage Orian will allow your facility to enjoy a new level of productivity, patient comfort and clinical confidence, boosted by deep learning based noise removal and scan accelerating compressed sensing technology.


Designed with a focus on safety and dose reduction. Versatile systems allow you to perform a wide variety of examinations, increase room utilization and overall operational efficiency. Reduced exam times through streamlined workflow and exceptional digital images ensure exams are performed with ease, comfort and speed.


Clinical imaging functionality that provides the ultimate in accommodation.
Expand the capabilities of limited R&F room space with Canon Medical Systems’ Ultimax-i™, making advanced imaging technology and diverse multipurpose system performance truly attainable. Efficient installation opens up workflow space, allowing for more complex procedures—without breaking down walls.


The ultimate in remote-controlled digital R/F
The digital, remote-controlled Xantara delivers exceptional DR/RF imaging across a wide range of radiology applications and provides optimal comfort and safety for patients and operators. Xantara is designed to meet your specific clinical demands with outstanding ergonomics, high-quality, low-dose imaging and seamless network integration. Xantara’s comprehensive dose management suite ensures that patients receive fast, safe and precise care.

Adora DRFi

The ultimate automated hybrid solution
Adora DRFi combines static and dynamic radiography with low dose fluoroscopy in one system. Enabling you to do all radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations and procedures in a single room, Adora DRFi helps you boost workflow efficiency and equipment utilization.
Complete remote control of the Adora DRFi is possible from the control room using the
ergonomic joystick and the remote user interface. Adora’s live monitor and exposure foot switch are helpful tools assisting you during in-room, tableside examinations. With the inControl console the radiologist gains complete mobile control in the examination room.


Canon Medical’s family of robust digital radiography systems are designed to fulfill your everyday needs for state-of-the-art imaging, ease of use and reliable, cost-efficient operation.


Digital radiography at its best
Canon Medical’s cost-effective Radrex digital radiography systems provide clinical efficiency to meet your radiographic imaging demands today and into the future. Fitted with Canon’s high-quality flat panel detectors and its imaging and patient management software, Radrex provides outstanding versatility, high patient comfort and superior workflow for your facility.

Adora DRi

One-touch, stress free DR
Adora DRi is a comprehensive digital radiographic imaging solution which is simple to use, easy to maintain, clean and hygienic. Working with automated anatomical program selection, Adora DRi provides fast and accurate DR imaging from merely all examination angles through one-touch, stress-free operation. Adora’s telescopic arms for the X-ray tube and detector can be put in place individually with a wide reach and angulation. Various tracked modes facilitate standard and specialized projections without the need for extensive repositioning of the patient.


Optimal imaging. Superior workflow.
The premium digital radiography system Aceso+ provides high image quality, clinical flexibility and superior workflow for a complete range of radiographic applications. Its ergonomic design and sophisticated auto-positioning technology help you maximize patient throughput. Advanced applications such as auto-stitching make Aceso+ an optimal imaging solution.


Modular design. Superior imaging.
Canon Medical’s versatile digital radiography system Aceso combines outstanding image quality with clinical flexibility and high productivity for a wide range of radiographic applications. Aceso’s cost-effective, modular concept allows you to configure the system to precisely fit your room and your clinical requirements.

Mobile X-Ray

Proven image quality anywhere you need it.


Mobirex+ gives you premium imaging and outstanding mobility
The smart and compact Mobirex+ provides superior productivity, mobility, storage and positioning for a wide variety of point of care imaging environments. Its fully integrated imaging and control software includes image acquisition and processing, worklist management, as well as the ability to export studies to the hospital network.

Healthcare IT

A trusted partner for patient-centered care when and where you need us.

Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Modular imaging solutions
Vitrea Advanced Visualization is a modular viewing platform that provides a broad range of functions with the option of adding more functionality when you need it. We offer comprehensive toolsets that supply physicians with information for planning procedures and treating patients.

Olea Solutions

Fast and accurate MR solutions for improving productivity and patient care
Olea Medical’s comprehensive, automated and multi-vendor technologies are designed to seamlessly integrate into clinical workflows, enhance collaboration, and optimize the evaluation methodology for many pathologies with instant qualitative and quantitative parameters.

Mobile Imaging Solutions

To bridge new equipment installations, temporary high workloads, or long term additional capacity, we provide mobile solutions according to our customer’s wishes.


Clinical confidence everywhere
Our fleet of mobile imaging solutions is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. All that is required to take advantage of a mobile solution is sufficient parking and power facilities. Together with our customers we find out what is required, whether this is a rapid response unit to be shipped overseas, a relocatable to be connected to a clinic or a mobile trailer commuting between hospital locations.

Refurbishment Solutions

Our refurbishment program is meticulous and demanding to meet the high standards of quality and reliability you can expect from Canon Medical Systems.


Giving medical equipment a second life
For over 80 years Canon has been a pioneer in diagnostic imaging. From leading X-ray products to high-performance CT scanners, innovative ultrasound machines and patient-friendly MRI systems, our solutions have been helping revolutionize clinical practice with innovative technology, solid performance and exceptional value.
Because outstanding quality lasts, used Canon imaging equipment remains of high value and forms a solid basis for our Secondlife refurbishment program.
Under our Secondlife Trade-in program we will purchase Canon and non-Canon UL, CT, MR, and X-ray as a Trade-in for new Canon or Secondlife refurbished equipment at a fair market value.

Availability of product and services may differ by country. Please contact us for more details.

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