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Endoscopy Diagnostic and Treatment Solutions


Our partnership with one of the leading companies in the endoscopic equipment – FujiFilm –  ensures a comprehensive portfolio of advanced solutions for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Our solutions can be configured by a variety of video processors and endoscopy series for each system.


See More. Detect More.

This new high-performance illumination system is the latest innovation in Fujifilm’s medical device portfolio, and ensures that the quality of imaging meets the highest standards in brightness and contrast providing the innovative observation modes BLI and LCI.


High-intensity contrast imaging with BLI allows superior visualisation of superficial vascular and mucosal patterns. Focussing on the characteristics of short wavelength absorption of haemoglobin (at 410 nm) combined with specific white light spectral colours results in improved and accurate contrast imaging.

LCI (Linked Colour Imaging) mode

Compared to White Light imaging, LCI enhances differences in the red colour spectrum by advanced post-processing steps.

The increased contrast in red colour leads to improved detection of inflammation and accurate delineation.

It is also compatible with the 600 and 500 series of scopes. An automatic back-up mode for data storage is integrated and the processor is also DICOM compatible.

SU-1 ultrasound processor

The new Fuji­lm ultrasonography processor SU-1 is equipped with proprietary image processing technology in a compact body with the aim of supporting accurate diagnoses with a variety of imaging modes including high-resolution B-mode.

The ELUXEO™ 700 series

Specifically designed for the new illumination system, the ELUXEO™ 700 series of endoscopes featuring Multi Zoom and Freeze function allow greater differentiation and provide detailed high-resolution imaging for both diagnosis and pre-therapeutic assessment with 2-step/3-step or 5-step Zoom. The ELUXEO™ 700 series provide outstanding high-resolution imaging with the unique CMOS Technology chip built directly into the tip of the scope, the signal is digitally transmitted through the device. Another innovation is the ColoAssist Adjust that has been specifically developed for the 700 series colonoscopes.

Consumables and Implantables


Vega Medical offers one of the widest assortments of drainage, wire guides, dilators, stents, needles and endoscopic accessories available. Every day, top specialists around the globe choose Cook’s Medical portfolio, when clinical solution is needed.


EchoTip ProCore

EchoTip ProCore allows for collection of histology with cytology while providing access to the entire GI tract, where you can target smaller lesions and increase your yields, all while decreasing your needle passes.


EchoTip Ultra

Thanks to its highly flexible coiled sheath, the EchoTip Ultra 22 gauge gets you to difficult positions for sampling lesions. Even in torqued positions, you can acquire quality samples with Cook’s longtime best-selling EUS needle on the market.


Quick-Core Biopsy Needle

Quick-Core Biopsy Needle is intended for soft-tissue biopsy. The product is intended for use by physicians trained and experienced in diagnostic and interventional techniques. Standard techniques for soft-tissue biopsy should be employed.


Chiba Biopsy Needle

Chiba needle is used for aspiration biopsy. Ideal for initial access and biopsy and EchoTip® models allow for improved visibility under ultrasound. The match-ground beveled tip provides steerability.


Cope Mandril Wire Guide

Used for complex diagnostic and interventional procedures. The soft, angled, platinum coil distal tip provides increased visualization and precise directional control. The wire guide is available with stainless steel or nitinol mandrils. The nitinol mandril is kink resistant and provides 1:1 torque control for increased maneuverability within obstructed areas.


Roadrunner Hydrophilic Wire Gide

Roadrunner Hydrophilic Wire Gide is used for complex diagnostic and interventional procedures. The hydrophilic coating reduces friction and provides optimal trackability and pushability. The soft, radiopaque platinum tip allows you to select the vessel atraumatically. The specially tapered nitinol mandril provides superb directional control and 1:1 torque response.


Multipurpose Drainage Set

Multipurpose Drainage Set is used for percutaneous external drainage in multiple drainage applications (e.g., nephrostomy, abscess drainage, and other abdominal cavity drainage procedures). Catheter placement is performed using micropuncture with the Neff Percutaneous Access Set that is conveniently included. The radiopaque band identifies the proximal area of the locking loop, which contains six large oval sideports to facilitate drainage.


Biliary Drainage Catheter

Biliary Drainage Catheter is used for biliary drainage applications. The easy-to-use, low-profile Mac-Loc® locking mechanism firmly secures the pigtail while maintaining patient comfort. The locking biliary loop aids in catheter retention. Ultrathane® material enhances patient comfort and allows the catheter to be used safely with ethyl alcohol.


Ultrathane Multipurpose Drainage Catheter

Ultrathane Multipurpose Drainage Catheter is used for percutaneous drainage in a variety of drainage applications (e.g., nephrostomy, biliary, and abscess), either by direct stick or the Seldinger access technique. The easy-to-use, low-profile Mac-Loc® locking mechanism firmly secures the 25 mm pigtail while maintaining patient comfort.


Zilver 635 Biliary Self-Expanding Stent

Zilver 635 Biliary is a Self-Expanding Stent used in the palliation of malignant neoplasms in the biliary tree. The self-expandable nitinol construction resists shortening upon deployment and enables precise and consistent placement. The Z-cell construction provides strength and durability with a high degree of radial force. Four gold markers on each end allow precise visualization and placement in the lumen.



Hemospray is a different endoscopic modality that has demonstrated results in a wide range of nonvariceal GI hemostasis procedures. Hemospray unlike traditional therapies is a nonthermal, nontraumatic, noncontact modality that doesn’t require the precise targeting of other modalities.



Acrobat is used to assist in cannulation of the biliary and pancreatic ducts and to aid in bridging difficult strictures during ERCP. 25 cm hydrophilic coating provides optimal lubricity, while the PTFE body gives you full tactile control.


Instinct™ Endoscopic Hemoclip

This device is used for endoscopic clip placement within the gastrointestinal tract for the purpose of endoscopic marking, hemostasis for mucosal/submucosal defects less than 3 cm in the upper GI tract, bleeding ulcers, arteries less than 2 mm and polyps less than 1.5 cm in diameter in the GI tract.


The Evolution Family

Evolution® gives you the ability to deliver stents with more control and less stress. Now, no matter where you are stenting in the GI tract, you can focus even more on patient outcomes.

Never Stop Improving

Vega Medical’s Vista program (powered by Cook) provides clinical specialists with specialized, hands-on trainings on the latest product innovations where they can learn from physicians with extensive experience. Vega Medical holds Vista events a number of times throughout the year with a focus on different methods and techniques. We are proud to have Vista trainees from all over the region, so we can share our expertise and transfer knowledge across borders.



Availability of product and services may differ by country. Please contact us for more details.

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