General Medical Supplies

Efficiency that Matters

General medical supplies represent a significant expense for healthcare facilities in their day-to-day routine. We understand the importance of cost control and also the need for operational efficiency and ever-improving therapy results.

We offer our partners highly efficient tools and strategies for demand planning, spend analysis, inventory management, and cost optimizations. Thanks to our significant scale and efficiency, and leveraging a growing network of trusted suppliers, Vega supports its partners in their daily challenges.

Our portfolio and services are aimed at increasing supply efficiency, optimizing costs and at the same time providing a consistently high quality of product and service.


We offer a comprehensive range of anesthesia products. Wide variety and great value across all product categories.

General anesthesia:

  • anesthesia masks;
  • circuit accessories;
  • endotracheal tubes;
  • laryngeal mask airways;
  • nasopharyngeal airways.

Monitored anesthesia:

  • CO2 sampling canulas.

Pain management:

  • epidural needles;
  • epidural catheters;
  • epidural trays;
  • LOR syringes.

A wide-ranging portfolio of healthcare textiles for patients and staff.


  • lab coats;
  • protective apparel and head covers (sterile and non-sterile);
  • scrubs;
  • uniforms;
  • face masks.


  • Robes;
  • Gowns;
  • Undergarments.

Depending on the customer requirements we offer different standards, materials, and sizes.


Sterile and non-sterile Exam gloves made from nitrile, latex or vinyl.

A large selection of powdered and non-powdered Surgical gloves made from latex, neoprene, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride, and polyisoprene.


Find everything you need for your lab operations in one place.

  • centrifuge tubes;
  • blood collection needles;
  • blood collection sets and tubes;
  • specimen collection containers
  • flasks;
  • pipettes;
  • solutions basins.

Our comprehensive portfolio of OR supplies ensures the safety of patients and staff and the efficient operation in the department. All products are carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality at a reasonable cost.

Some of the product categories are:

  • wound drainage;
  • face masks;
  • gloves;
  • floor mats;
  • footwear;
  • headwear;
  • OR sheets;
  • prep packs;
  • sterile procedure sets;
  • surgical drapes.

Aerosol therapy:

  • masks;
  • nebulizers;
  • respirators;
  • tubing.

Oxygen therapy:

  • cannulas and tubing;
  • CO2 monitors;
  • oxygen masks.

Airway management:

  • suctioning products;
  • tracheal airways;
  • tracheostomy care products.


  • manual resuscitators;
  • CPR bags and masks;
  • CPR.

Humidification and filtration:

  • breathing circuits;
  • HME filters.

Founded in 1950, Dogsan is the leading Turkish manufacturer of surgical sutures. The high quality products, the wide range and the competitive prices make it a preferred brand for many hospital departments across Europe.

In order to meet all surgical needs, the company is producing more than 1500 absorbable and non-absorbable sutures.

A wide selection of threads and needles and impeccable quality and service.


We have a wide selection of products designed for hospitals and doctors’ offices. Cost efficient and clinically proven solutions for better urological care.

Products include:

  • eternal catheters;
  • foley catheters;
  • foley trays;
  • intermittent catheters;
  • drain catheters;
  • drainage bags;
  • specimen collection products.

To view our specialty urology products, visit the Urology page under Professionals.


The cath lab can be quite a stressful environment. We offer our clients a carefully selected portfolio that brings increased efficiency, security and allows them to focus on what they do best.

Products include:

  • vascular access adapters;
  • fluid administration sets;
  • high-pressure tubing;
  • manifolds;
  • stopcocks;
  • Y connectors;
  • vascular tourniquett sets.

To view our specialty vascular products, visit the Vascular page under Professionals.


Availability of product and services may differ by country. Please contact us for more details.

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