Infection Prevention and Control

Planning and Design

The right architectural planning can enable the best possible workflow in the sterile processing department. This not only assures hygiene safety and maximum productivity but also makes a better workplace for the staff.

Together with Getinge, Vega provides professional support and advice throughout the planning process. We are there with you from the earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction. We’ll help you gain an understanding of needed capacity, learn the optimized logistic flow of instruments, equipment, and staff, and give you a photo-realistic walk-through of the future facility.

Pre-treatment & Cleaning Area


Getinge offers high-quality, easy-to-use worktop ultrasonic cleaners that include practically every technical feature available. The models in the new series increase the ultrasonic effect further to achieve great results. The reliable technology, in combination with the materials used, prolongs the service life of the units, while the design combines functionality with modern looks.



From the well-known leader in the field of sterilization Getinge, VEGA offers you a broad selection of free-standing and built-in, single door or pass-through sterilizers in suitable sizes and models, depending on the volume and type of goods. In fact, there is a Getinge sterilizer for every application within the hospital, including sterilizers with steam, low-temperature processes and cycles for fluid production. From tabletop to high capacity built-in sterilizer, our machines are capable to meet the exact needs of every client.

Our wide range of steam sterilizers makes sure you can find a steam sterilizer that integrates simply into your needs for an optimized reprocessing workflow. They are all designed with high capacity in very compact formats, keeping energy and water consumption to a minimum. Highly ergonomic and equipped with a new intuitive user interface, Getinge sterilizers always guarantee faster instrument availability and ensure superior production efficiency.
All pressure vessels in this range of high-vacuum, microprocessor-controlled sterilizers are manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the authorities and meet the world’s toughest standards of quality and safety.

Our range of sterilizers also combines high-capacity routine steam sterilization with the unique option of low-temperature sterilization of heat-sensitive items. These sterilizers perform chemical sterilization using steam and formalin (formaldehyde dissolved in water) – a very safe and well-proven method. Having both high- and low-temperature sterilization in one machine offers high flexibility in reprocessing different types of instruments. For most sterile departments, this combination of high- and low-temperature sterilization will offer opportunities for much higher overall throughput than any free-standing low-temperature solution.

Since many components in advanced surgical tools cannot withstand the heat or pressure of traditional steam sterilizers, healthcare providers are growing evermore dependent on low-temperature technologies to maintain efficient infection control. Getinge´s wide product offering together with an impressive portfolio of low-temperature sterilizers provide the right solutions for hospitals embracing new operating techniques, such as Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS).

The Stericool sterilizers are Getinge’s new technologically advanced and yet affordable solution for low-temperature sterilization. Stericool sterilizers employ patented technologies to deliver rapid and safe sterilization for delicate, heat-sensitive, and moisture-sensitive instruments. Stericool H202 offers a wide portfolio of different sizes of sterilizers and three choices of programs from fast, standard and advanced sterilization combined to a complete range of consumables.

The full range of Getinge Assured sterilization indicators and tests is the most secure way for monitoring the specific steam sterilization parameters of time, temperature and steam inside the pack. When a pack is opened, your OR staff can quickly verify that the conditions for sterilization were achieved and that the instruments and utensils are safe to use in surgical.

Washer Disinfectors


An enormous selection of differently sized washer disinfectors, are part of our portfolio, offering the exact solution according to space and needs. Getinge series of washer-disinfectors combine hygienic and ergonomic solutions with the latest technology for maximum user safety. Specially developed to match the needs of dental clinics, surgical departments, all the way up to larger central sterile supply departments, the units clean and disinfect all kinds of items, using a wide range of accessories, allowing to process surgical instruments, endoscopes etc.
Our automation system for washer-disinfectors handles all loading and unloading automatically. By adding automation to your washer-disinfectors, you can increase productivity by minimizing bottlenecks, risks for human errors and frees time for the operator to perform other tasks.

Used routinely, our Getinge Clean detergents and Getinge Assured Wash Monitoring products, secure all phases of the wash process including proper treatment of the goods and assuring that all phases of the cleaning process are operating properly, so efficient cleaning can be achieved. All Getinge tests are designed in accordance with EN ISO 15883.

Endoscope Reprocessing


As the use of endoscopes increases, so does the risk of infections linked to reprocessing – and with it, the need for “zero tolerance” of cross-contamination. There’s only one way to achieve this.

Getinge applies a systematic approach to endoscope reprocessing, the same approach that has made us the world leader in disinfection and sterilization of reprocessed instruments.

Our three unique, error-proof AERs (automated endoscope reprocessors) – ED-FLOW, ED-FLOW SD, and ED900 – represent a breakthrough for infection control in endoscope reprocessing.

Assuring cost-efficient endoscope processing takes more than just the right equipment. That’s why Getinge’s complete solutions also include architectural planning, training, traceability, service & support and consumables.

Complementary Equipment


Our products for pre-cleaning, inspection, packing, storage, and distribution provide an efficient and seamless flow of sterile goods, suited for many different applications with coherent design and functionality.


Trays baskets made of stainless steel. Adapted to Getinge washer-disinfectors, conveyors, loading/unloading equipment, sterilizers as well as storage racks and distribution trolleys. Stackable when loaded, nestable when empty.


The tables and accessories are developed especially for work in the packaging area; for sorting, inspection and packaging of various sets of surgical instruments. The Getinge range of tables is designed with flexibility, ergonomics, and functionality in mind.


Our SMART range of loading and distribution trolleys is an important part of the entire workflow throughout the hospital. Our workflow offering also consists of products for the efficient storage of sterile goods. Choose among single and double basket racks as well as pass-through cabinets.

Consumables for Control and Validation

Продукти за стериизация, опаковане за

Our sterilization packaging portfolio includes:

  • Sterilization Reels
  • Gusset Sterilization Reels
  • Sterilization Pouches
  • 4a Tyvek® Sterilization Reel
  • Crep & SMS Wrap Papers

Sterilization Chemical Indicators include:

  • Type 4 Steam Autoclave Indicator
  • Type 5 Steam Integrator (Window Views )
  • Type 5 Steam Indicator (Color Change )
  • Type 6 Steam Autoclave Indicator
  • Type 5 Registration Card
  • Type 6 Registration Card
  • Ethylene Oxide Indicator
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Indicator
  • Formaldehyde Chemical Indikatör
  • Dry Heat Chemical Indicator
  • Adhesive tapes for sterilization with Steam, ETO, FO, Plazma
  • Bowie Dick Test Package and sheets
  • Helix Control Test Package
  • PCD Control Test Package
  • Biological Indicators (Steam, Plazma, ETO)

Washing Control Products:

  • Pro Test Protein Residue Test
  • Sonicontrol Test
  • Cannulated Control Test

Steam Autoclave Triple Control Test Packages could be two types:

  • Steam Autoclave Control Test Package ( Class5 + PCD )
  • Steam Autoclave Control Package (BiologicalIndicator + Class 5 )


Availability of product and services may differ by country. Please contact us for more details.

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