Neurovascular Therapies


A rapidly growing, global medical-device company, MicroVention has been a pioneer in the development of catheter-based, minimally invasive neuroendovascular technologies that provide therapeutic advantages for cerebral aneurysms and other neurovascular diseases.

Partnering with MicroVention, Vega Medical brings to the market reliable, easy to use and technologically advanced products supported by proven clinical data. We stay committed to providing cost-efficient and accessible therapy solutions to our partners and a meaningful improvement in patient lives.

Aneurysm Therapy


A brain aneurysm, also referred to as a Cerebral Aneurysm or an Intracranial Aneurysm, is a weak, bulging spot on the wall of an artery.

Our unique portfolio for ruptured or unruptured aneurysms is backed by numerous clinical studies and independent research for great performance and versatility.


Hydrogel Embolic Coils

Versatile complex coil with hydrogel technology. HydroFrame is soft and easy to deploy, performing much like a bare platinum coil. Available in progressive softness grades for efficiency in aneurysm framing and filling.


HydroSoft® 3D & HydroSoft® Helical
Hydrogel Embolic Coils

Soft complex and helical shaped coils with hydrogel technology. The HydroSoft family of coils are soft, allowing easy placement of hydrogel at the aneurysm neck for versatile treatment of small and ruptured aneurysms.Bio-inert hydrogel material provides demonstrated reduction in aneurysmal recurrence and retreatment rates.


Platinum Coils

A versatile, stable framing coil designed to form a stable basket across various aneurysm morphologies.

Variable Loop Design allows the coil to brace along the aneurysm periphery and provide stable coil loops across the neck of the aneurysm.


HyperSoft® 3D & HyperSoft® Helical
Platinum Coils

Extra soft finishing and filling coils in both helical and 3D configurations.

The extra soft primary wind of the HyperSoft coils allows them to be easily delivered and conform to the available space without pushing against the existing coil mass; ideal for filling and finishing.


Coil Assist Stents

LVIS® and LVIS® Jr. devices are braided coil assist stents used for aneurysm embolization. The braided construction allows physicians to control the stent deployment to achieve optimal placement. Radiopaque strands along the entire stent body allow physicians to visualize the stent expansion.

Flow Disruption is a technique used to treat wide-neck brain aneurysms by placing a single, intrasaccular device within the aneurysm, altering the intra-aneurysmal flow.


Intrasaccular Devices

The WEB™ Embolization System is first-in-class intrasaccular technology offering a single-device treatment alternative to endovascular coils and complex stenting procedures. The intrasaccular embolization system minimizes the need for a dual antiplatelet regimen required of intraluminal therapies.

Proprietary Microbraid technology bridges the aneurysm neck to create an optimal surface for aneurysm healing, allowing the WEB device to provide complete, long lasting treatment of wide-neck bifurcation aneurysms with a single device.

The Flow Diversion technique uses a low porosity stent across a wide-necked brain aneurysm. The device is placed across the aneurysm neck opening, and extends into the parent artery on both sides. This alters intra-aneurysmal blood flow patterns and redirects flow away from the aneurysm.


Flow Diverters

The FRED and FRED Jr. flow diversion devices feature a unique dual layer construction designed to achieve excellent vessel wall apposition, which fosters neointimal growth and long-term aneurysm occlusion. FRED Jr. is the first flow diverter than can be delivered using a 0.021” microcatheter for safe delivery in distal locations. Both devices may be used with or without embolic coils.

Ability to resheath proximal to distal, allowing greater freedom in implant repositioning

Ischemic Stroke and Carotid Artery Disease


A stroke is a permanent injury to the brain caused by blockage of blood flow depriving the brain tissue of oxygen and nutrients.

Our diverse portfolio includes carotid stents, aspiration catheters, and mechanical thrombectomy products.

Mechanical Thrombectomy is a technique typically performed using an aspiration catheter and/or stent-like retrieval device to remove blood clots from the neurovasculature of a person experiencing an ischemic stroke.



The ERIC is a clot retrieval device designed to work in conjunction with the SOFIA and SOFIA Plus Catheters. The ERIC requires no wait time to integrate with the clot and may be retrieved immediately after deployment, potentially resulting in faster procedures.

ERIC’s high amount of ‘intralumenal clot capture surface’ eliminates the need to wait before retrieving the clot, potentially resulting in faster procedure times.


Aspiration Catheters

The SOFIA Plus Catheter is designed for aspiration thrombectomy and offers an ideal combination of excellent distal trackability and a large 0.070in lumen to help with rapid recanalization of the affected vessel.

Lubricious coating and smooth catheter transitions allow for easy access to MCA and beyond.

Carotid artery stenting (CAS) is an endovascular procedure where a stent is deployed within the lumen of the carotid artery to treat narrowing of the carotid artery and decrease the risk of stroke.


Carotid Stent

Carotid Artery Stent Designed to Prevent Embolic Release.

Advanced Delivery System
– Fully repositionable with up to 50% deployment, improving stent placement accuracy.
– Delivery catheter with flexible distal design to enhance trackability in highly challenging anatomy.
– Low profile 5 Fr sheath compatible system enhances the crossability for stenting.

Neurovascular Malformations


Malformations are an abnormal tangle of blood vessels that cause arteries to shunt directly into veins, the blood flow never slows down enough to provide oxygen and nutrients.

Microvention took an innovative approach by designing a ready-to-use liquid embolic device for malformations.

Liquid Embolics are injectable embolic agents primarily intended for the treatment of vascular malformations through an endovascular approach. The goal of liquid embolic embolization is the immediate and permanent obliteration of a targeted vessel or a diffuse vascular structure


Liquid Embolic

A non-adhesive Liquid Embolic agent free from preparation and tantalum constraints.

PHIL liquid embolic is pre-loaded in sterile syringes and ready to use. No preparation is required.

An iodine component is covalently bonded to the polymer to provide homogeneous radiopacity to the liquid embolic during fluoroscopic visualization. No added metal component allow for minimal artifact during control imaging.

Embolic coils are controlled mechanical implants that are used to slow blood flow within targeted vascular malformations often in conjunction with liquid embolic agents or other embolization devices.


Specialty Filling Coils

Helical coil with expansive hydrogel technology. HydroFill’s hydrogel core expands the coil diameter by 20%, maximizing filling efficiency for aneurysms, fistulae and vessel take-downs.

Novel hydrogel technology fosters progressive occlusion, neointimal growth across the aneurysm neck and volumetric filling.


Specialty Coils

An innovative coil designed to seek out and fill available space.

The unique design allows the VFC to efficiently seek out and fill within complex anatomies. Due to the loop and wave design, a single VFC can cover a wide range of sizes; allowing a single VFC coil to replace multiple conventional coils on the shelf.


Specialty Coils

– Exceptionally soft for efficient packing.

– Paired with best in class V-Trak Advanced delivery system.

– Offered in both Soft and Regular stiffness profiles


Specialty Coils

– Effective for framing diverse aneurysm morphologies and vessel malformations

– Forms a stable basket for subsequent coils.

– Able to frame diverse morphologies.

Access Product Solutions


MicroVention develops a full range of access products, including catheters and guidewires. These technologies allow doctors to gain access to the treatment area. We strive to provide a wide range of innovative, high-quality access products designed to improve patient outcomes.

A catheter is a hollow, flexible tube inserted into a vessel to allow the passage of fluids or distend a passageway. They are large, robust catheters that allow smaller catheters to pass through and facilitate the placement of various medical devices while providing stability during the procedure.


Guiding Catheters

– Large lumen area for greater versatility and visualization;

– Atraumatic access and deeper positioning for more support with high maximum injection pressure;

– Increased trackability while allowing smooth advancement of guiding catheter over inner catheter.

An intermediate catheter is designed to help provide stability by reducing the tendency of microcatheter kick back during delivery/implantation of medical devices


Intermediate Catheters

The SOFIA Catheter is designed for distal navigation and supports precise delivery of a variety of neurovascular therapies.

– Exceptionally soft distal segment allows for excellent navigability and trackability into distal anatomy, enabling the SOFIA Catheter to provide support close to the treatment site;

– Hybrid Braid and Coil Design provides 1:1 push/pull control for enhanced trackability. Coil reinforcement provides lumen integrity, flexibility and excellent shape retention. Proximal variable pitch braid reinforcement provides support and torque control;

– Hand shapeable distal tip allows for quick, easy tip shaping – saving time and helping navigate challenging anatomy.

A balloon catheter is a type of soft catheter with an inflatable balloon at its tip. The deflated balloon catheter is positioned, then inflated to perform the necessary procedure, and deflated again in order to be removed.


Scepter C® & Scepter XC®
Balloon Catheters

The Scepter balloon offers clinical applications in four key areas: Balloon remodeling, Stent delivery, Liquid Embolic Injection, and Balloon-test occlusion.

– Separate inflation lumen and independent working lumen that can accommodate up to any 0.014” guidewire;

– Balloon provides back stop and flow reduction to limit reflux during liquid embolic injection;

– Balloon remodeling and stent delivery without catheter exchange.

A microcatheter is a small diameter catheter that can be tracked over a guidewire in order to reach the target lesion.



Innovative Catheter Technology

– Tight pitch coil provides lumen integrity, bending flexibility and good shape retention. Proximal braid provides firmness and a torqueable catheter body. True 1:1 push/pull while tracking through tortuous anatomy;

– Reduced friction for improved navigation in tortuous vessels. Exceptional durability for prolonged use;

– Compatible with Onyx™ Liquid Embolic, nBCA and DMSO. High burst strength. Long length allows distal lesion access.



Specifically designed for precise delivery, deployment and retrieval of the WEB device.

– The flat coil and flat braid design maximizes the inner lumen diameter for smooth, low friction device delivery;

– Minimizes tip movement for reliable device retrieval;

– Provides optimal support for precise and uniform device deployment.

A guidewire is a thin, flexible wire that is used to enter small and tortuous vessels to act as a guide for subsequent insertion of a another instrument such as a microcatheter or balloon catheter



Control, Durability, and Versatility – All in One

– Hybrid nitinol/stainless steel construction offers a soft, atraumatic tip while maximizing push/pull control and torque response

– Lubricious hydrophilic coating allows smooth advancement of the guidewire within the vasculature and microcatheter

– Excellent tip shapeability and shape retention design promotes controlled steerability

– Innovative Traxcess® Docking Wire simplifies catheter exchange, intra-procedurally, reducing time and cost



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