Operating Rooms

The OR is the Heart of the Hospital

The modern OR is the core of the hospital, the intersection of many professional disciplines, each with unique needs. Multifunctional, cross-disciplinary surgical suites can improve efficiency, enhance patient care and keep costs under control.

To provide the best care for your patients, a good working environment, and a sound financial situation, you need a partner that understands your needs and that can support you at every step of the way. Vega Medical offers equipment, OR planning support, and workflow management solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Surgical Lights


A wide range of anchoring systems and surgical lights is available to fulfill the needs of all type of surgeries and operating rooms. The Maquet SATELITE® system creates a multimedia hub in the heart of the operating room. The ergonomic design keeps cables and equipment off the floor, increasing operating room versatility and meeting new requirements for hospital facilities. The three-tube mounting hub allows for a multitude of customizable, upgradable and economical solutions.


LUCEA 50 & 100 lights have been developed in order to provide any operating or ICU room with LED technology. Their innovative design combined with a functional shape offer an efficient product to the medical staff. To fulfill the needs of all users, LUCEA 50 & 100 are available in mobile, wall and ceiling-mounted versions as well as a battery-operated version. Designed for ICU and minor surgery, LUCEA 50 & 100 provide high quality illumination through LED technology without any compromises on the major enhancements offered by Maquet surgical lights.


VOLISTA® is a tailor-made surgical light and with its product range, Maquet offers a comprehensive product line that integrates lighting, suspension, and multimedia equipment, to meet the individual needs of each surgical theater. VOLISTA uses only white LEDs, offering totally faithful color rendering with no colored cast shadows. The color temperature can be adapted using an innovative, patented three levels cold filter system. By offering true, authentic and reliable color temperature variation, VOLISTA is the only light to guarantee constant rendering.


H LED surgical light is a long-lasting light based on LED technology. It combines comfort, cost-savings, HD image integration and sustainable development for efficient use in the surgical suite. H LED surgical lights generate shadowless light, reducing visual fatigue and requiring less handling to give a total concentration in the operating room. H LED offers nearly twice the life span of traditional LED lighting for long-term reliability and lower power consumption.


The POWERLED™ surgical light range was developed to enhance and facilitate your daily surgical procedures. POWERLED™ is a surgical light that is intuitively easy to use and generates no shadows or overheating. It is dependable, ergonomic and elegant, ideally suited to your needs. POWERLED™ fully complies with the requirements of the IEC standard, guaranteeing total safety for you and your patients. The irradiance, less than 500 W/m², guaranteeing that the light does not dry out tissue even in the most sensitive patients. You can operate in total confidence, with no additional uncontrolled risk.

Mobile Operating tables


The OR tables and accessories from Getinge are modular, ergonomic and can be used across multiple disciplines. The product portfolio features different kinds of tables that can be configured as required. All OR tables provide optimum solutions in every surgical discipline and for every surgical requirement.


ALPHAMAXX offers maximum load capacity, maximum flexibility, and maximum comfort. The mobile universal operating table ALPHAMAXX by Maquet offers unparalleled safety and stability. The modular structure allows adaptation to the patient’s body size and can withstand extreme loads in every position. ALPHAMAXX can be quickly and easily equipped for any surgical discipline.
ALPHAMAXX is made for living up to all requirements with its overall load, the big longitudinal shift and the optional auto-drive function for effortless maneuvering.


High quality in combination with cost efficiency are the hallmarks of the BETACLASSIC mobile operating tables. A manually operated hydraulic power unit and ergonomically designed controls are standard on the robust BETACLASSIC. A few swift pumps of the pedal-operated selection calotte enable the precise adjustment of the table top position. The proven design ensures excellent table stability and unrestricted patient access for the surgical team. Amongst other things, the BETACLASSIC provides dedicated solutions for military and disaster medicine as it does not depend on any external power sources. Thanks to the large castors the OR table can be transported regardless of the terrain.



The MEERA OR combines the individual benefits of it’s predecessors ALPHASTAR Pro and Betastar, and intelligently brings them together into one product. A big plus of the MEERA is its motorized longitudinal shift, which allows for almost unrestricted radiolucency. It can be universally used in all surgical disciplines and is designed to be compatible to enable the continued use of existing Maquet accessories for mobile OR tables. Equipped with many new product features to effectively help clinicians and OR staff provide optimal patient care, the MEERA OR table offers an outstanding price-performance ratio for hospitals worldwide.


For orthopedic, traumatology and neurosurgery procedures, a state-of-the-art operating table is critical to surgeons’ success – and the YUNO OTN from Maquet offers exceptional functionality for all three disciplines.
Developed in line with real world OR requirements, this mobile table ensures optimum results for all orthopedic, traumatology and neurosurgery interventions. Modular components allow for quick and easy configuration and adjustment, creating more efficient and cost-effective operating rooms. The YUNO OTN also offers surgeons exceptional stability, superior radiolucency, and ergonomic design for precise patient positioning and optimal access to the surgical site.

System Operating Tables



The superb MAGNUS operating table system is the result of systematic improvements to offer the best support for the patient and surgical team. MAGNUS offers unique X-ray conditions and ensure clear access to the operating field.
Thanks to a wide variety of modules, the MAGNUS OR table system can be set up easily for all kinds of surgical interventions. Due to its extreme working radius, MAGNUS achieves a position where the patient is almost “floating”, providing optimum radioscopy possibilities and free access to the surgical field from all directions.

In addition to the modular universal table top, the MAGNUS product range also includes the carbon fiber table tops. These plates are made of radiolucent carbon fiber composite material, which allows a 360 ° imaging without metal elements that could influence the image. The carbon fiber table tops of MAGNUS are ideally suited to the Hybrid OR.


OTESUS represents the intelligent evolution of the proven OR table system. With its versatile table tops, the OTESUS can be used across all surgical disciplines. In addition to its clinical uses, the OTESUS is particularly distinguished by its cost-effectiveness.

The OTESUS has an Independently maneuverable column, compatible with multiple transporters and table tops, suitable for all surgical disciplines. OTESUS’s motorized movements are smooth, controlled, and highly precise, with improved positioning possibilities thanks to the expanded range of angles for combinations of Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg and lateral tilt. Enhanced ergonomics through increased height adjustment to provide an optimum workbench for the surgeon.

Hybrid Operating Room

The Hybrid OR is the future of surgery. A single surgical workspace that combines imaging equipment with a multifunctional surgical table. It allows clinicians to diagnose and treat in a single location, reducing risk and delays, improving patient safety, and ultimately reducing costs. The surgical table top not only meets the needs of multiple surgical disciplines but also balances the need for panning when used like a Cath Lab.
We offer a full range of products for Hybrid ORs, including operating tables, surgical lights, ceiling supply units, modular room systems, anesthesia systems, heart-lung machines and leading-edge OR integration solutions. These products, offered under the brand name Maquet, are all specifically designed for use in the Hybrid OR alongside imaging systems from leading providers.

Ceiling Supply Units


MAQUET offers a wide range of ceiling supply units to meet different hospital needs. They can be deployed in a wide variety of hospital environments: ward rooms, operating rooms, intensive care units, recovery rooms and more. And a choice of components and accessories, that can easily be added, moved, and subtracted as desired. Moreover, the design approach allows each configuration to evolve in line with the hospital’s daily challenges. Thanks to the versatile arms and distribution modules, the pendant configurations can accommodate any room size, eight and surgery type, whether it is open surgery or Minimally Invasive Surgery. In addition, an array of accessories are easy to set up and fosters operational flexibility.

OR Integration


TEGRIS allows operating nearly every element of the entire operating room. Video inputs can be recorded from a range of sources and visuals can be displayed, saved or streamed. Integration of patient data from the HIS and PACS is seamless and simple. The settings of operating tables, surgical lightning, and other medical devices are easy to adjust. Plus, by integrating checklists into OR workflows, TEGRIS enhances patient safety by eliminating the need for manual data entry.
A single system controls all recording devices, OR equipment and room functions. With the award-winning TEGRIS system, users can manage the entire OR from a single, fully customizable user interface. It remains intuitive and user-friendly, no matter how many elements are integrated. The versatility of the TEGRIS ensures efficient workflow by taking the focus away from technology and focusing it on the patient.
TEGRIS allows to quickly save and recall patient data, images, and videos directly to your PACS in DICOM format; simultaneously capture, record and stream HD-quality images and videos from two sources. TEGRIS simplifies collaboration and training with shared content inside and outside the OR.

Modular Room Systems


Modular room and ceiling elements VARIOP allow hospitals to design every aspect of the operating room in line with their requirements. The individual elements are sealed to the substructure for effective pressure regulation. They are easy to install and can be quickly disassembled for rapid access to medical gases and cabling. VARIOP fully meets all construction requirements in terms of fire, radiation and sound insulation, and its surfaces can withstand any hospital-approved cleaning agents and disinfectants. Plus, the wide selection of available colors and prints is perfect for creating an appealing working environment and improving the patient experience.
VARIOP complies with the stringent quality requirements placed on surgical workplaces and intensive care units down to the very last detail. The system itself is a complete unit. Wall and ceiling elements are sealed down to the substructure so that the required pressure conditions can be realized. The wall elements are resistant to all hospital-approved cleaning agents and disinfectants. VARIOP fully meets all construction requirements in terms of fire, radiation and sound insulation.


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