As healthcare evolves, the pressures for healthcare providers to be competitive, cut costs and improve patient care are rising.

In this competitive landscape, the medical distribution business must change as well to reflect the needs of the market and the new expectations. Healthcare providers don’t only need specific products at a low price, but a strategic partner that deeply understands their needs and the challenges they face. This is why we offer complete solutions tailored toward improving outcomes while at the same time preserving the bottom line. From commodity products to specialized devices, to lifesaving equipment, we have a solution that fits our partners’ needs.


Spend Analysis and Management

Procurement and sourcing should not be a headache. We see it as one of the most important areas for organizational advantage for our clients. Our innovative approach and wide product selection allow our clients to focus on what matters most- delivering the best possible care for the patients.

With a comprehensive approach to device selection and utilization, we help our clients eliminate unnecessary product variation and costs. By combining clinical insights, data and market intelligence we uncover direct savings opportunities, while at the same time improving the supply process.

Strategic Sourcing

We provide thorough support to our partners in analyzing their needs and sourcing the right products at the right time. We leverage our wide network of suppliers and market knowledge and benefit from the consistent quality and fulfilled demand needs.

We drive efficiency by continuously optimizing our purchasing activities and supply chain management. Through demand planning, supplier identification and development of a comprehensive sourcing strategy, we have a solution that fits our clients’ needs.


Innovative Business Models

Being a trusted business partner, that has moved away from the typical supplier-customer relationship, we are trying to provide tailored solutions to our Clients that perfectly fit their financial and operational environment. Our portfolio of solutions includes sales, rent, lease, pay-per procedure models and public-private partnerships.

Financing Solutions

We are supporting our clients in their investment plans and daily operations by introducing different schemes to finance their capital expenditures and working capital needs. Some examples of our tailored financial solutions include – setting flexible payment models and extended payment terms, developing service and finance partnerships, assistance in applying for grants and investment funds.


Turn-Key Projects Execution

The ability to turn our partners’ vision into reality is what has established us as one of the leading project integrator companies in the region. Healthcare projects are a complex mix of interlinked activities and our experience helps guide our partners through all the stages from idea generation, planning, equipment needs analysis, and stakeholder management to turn-key execution, regulatory approval, and training.

Clinical Support

We see ourselves on the same side of the battle as our clients, and we don’t strive for making a sale but for the common goal of saving a life. Achieving the best possible patient outcome is what matters to our partners and what gives meaning to our work. Our aim is to combine clinical expertise and best-in-class products under one roof in order to better serve our clients and help them save and make lives better. From the planning of AAA procedures to clinical DBS support, we continuously invest in the training and development of our team of specialist in order to provide the best possible service.

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