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Women’s health is of paramount importance to every nation, so it must be treated with extreme caution. That is why Vega developed a high-quality Reproductive Health product portfolio which ensures consistent results and patient safety from diagnosis to post delivery.

Together with Cook Medical, we offer innovative medical solutions that address prevalent areas of assisted reproduction, fertility preservation, gynecology, male fertility, maternal-fetal medicine, labor, and delivery.



We provide a full range of catheters needed for endometrial biopsy, visualization of the uterine cavity or tubes and catheters for IVF procedures – Insemination catheters and Embryo transfer catheters. All catheters are made from non-toxic silicone, polyethylene or polytetrafluoroethylene.

Cook® Silicone Balloon HSG Catheter

Cook® Silicone Balloon HSG Catheter is used to access the uterine cavity for saline infusion sonohysterography or for injection of contrast medium into the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes for evaluation of tubal patency. The small diameter allows passage through the cervix.

Goldstein SonoBiopsy™ Catheter

Goldstein SonoBiopsy™ Catheter is used to access the uterine cavity for sonohysterography and to obtain an endometrial biopsy, if indicated, using the same device. The adjustable acorn-shaped positioner maintains catheter placement while reducing leakage of instilled saline at the external cervical os. Ink marks in 1 cm gradations up to 10 cm indicate catheter positioning. The catheter’s 7.2 French size allows it to pass into the uterus for tissue collection. The large oval sideport facilitates instillation of saline solution and aspiration of endometrial tissue.

Guardia™ Access Embryo Transfer Catheter

The world’s best-selling catheter for placement IVF embryos into the uterine cavity. Soft and flexible Guardia™ Access catheter has a  Microvol™ technology, which minimizes the volume of media that is required.  The guide catheter is curved to facilitate insertion, has a rounded bulb tip, which eases passage through the cervix.  The catheters are packaged in separate sterile pouches.

Soft-Pass™ Embryo Transfer Catheter

Soft-Pass™ Embryo Transfer Catheter set is used to place IVF embryos into the uterine cavity. The soft, flexible guide catheter is designed to facilitate placement of the set. Sets are available with transfer catheters that have an integrated stainless steel support cannula to aid catheter placement.

Soft-Pass™ Coaxial Insemination Catheter

Soft-Pass™ Coaxial Insemination Catheter is used for the introduction of washed spermatozoa into the uterine cavity. The soft, flexible inner catheter makes the placement easier and the rigid guide catheter facilitates positioning. The coaxial insemination catheter consists of a polyethylene guide catheter and a polyolefin inner catheter.



Our range of high-quality needles is made of extra-smooth stainless steel with thumb dimple on the handle to indicate bevel direction. All aspiration lines are nontoxic, kink resistant and thermal isolating.

Disposable EchoTip® Amniocentesis Needle

Disposable EchoTip® Amniocentesis Needle is used for aspiration of fluid from the amniotic sac.

• EchoTip technology enhances the visualization of the needle tip under ultrasound.

• Needles with a distal sideport aid in fluid aspiration if the needle becomes clogged with debris.

Chorionic Villus Sampling Needle Set

Chorionic Villus Sampling Needle Set is used for transabdominal sampling of fetal chorionic villi for the purpose of prenatal diagnosis of genetic conditions. The access needle has a sharp bevel for cutting and a solid center core to block tissue from entering the sampling needle during access.

Cook® EchoTip® Double Lumen Aspiration Needle

Cook® EchoTip® Double Lumen Aspiration Needle is used for aspiration and flushing of oocytes from ovarian follicles. The double-lumen design allows simultaneous or intermittent flushing of media and aspiration of oocytes from follicles. Needle’s EchoTip® echogenic tip enhances visualization under ultrasound. The ergonomic handle provides comfort and control during use and is designed to facilitate the rotation of the needle during aspiration. The thumb notch indicates the orientation of the bevel.

Ovum Aspiration Needle Single Lumen

Ovum Aspiration Needle Single Lumen is used for ovum aspiration. The needle has a B bevel and a handle that is designed to facilitate the rotation of the needle during aspiration. The thumb notch indicates the orientation of the bevel. The proximal hub has a Luer lock to accept syringes. The needle’s EchoTip® echogenic tip enhances visualization under ultrasound.

Culture media and Microtools


Vega Medical provides Culture media and Microtools to support embryologist during oocyte and embryos development. The Media control the pH and supply the nutrients needed by the sperm, cumulus cells, oocyte, and embryo. The micromanipulation covers all procedures involving the handling or manipulation of sperm, eggs, and embryos.

Cook Medical’s sequential media formulations are designed to closely replicate the fallopian tube environment. They allow the oocyte and embryos to develop as they would in vivo, minimizing the stress on the gametes and the embryo. This media has a correct pH, correct osmolarity, nutrients, and antioxidants. Cook Medical manufacture products to facilitate all manipulations in vitro, such as gamete preparation, fertilization, and cleavage stage of IVF, ICSI, embryo biopsy etc.

Cook Medical’s Microtools are high-quality tools for ART procedures as gamete and embryo manipulation, denuding, ICSI and embryo biopsy. All pipettes undergo quality control, packed for sterilization and are available in different IDs and ODs to suit customer preference. Holding pipettes have a smooth, flat face which creates a good seal between the pipette tip and the oocyte or embryo when suction is applied. MicroInjection pipettes are made from a special type of borosilicate glass that is chosen to reduce static and stickiness. Flexipet pipettes are made from soft, flexible polycarbonate and will not scratch dishes. They are specifically designed for denuding and handling of oocytes, embryos and biopsied cells.

Surgery, fetal Intervention, labor and delivery


We provide high-quality support tools for specific medical conditions in women. All products are made of nontoxic materials and are disposable.

UMI-Loc® Uterine Manipulator Injector

UMI-Loc® Uterine Manipulator Injector is used for manipulation or repositioning of the uterus during diagnostic and surgical procedures and for the injection of mediums into the uterine cavity for diagnostic purposes. The slide-lock on the handle secures the injection catheter and the injector is designed for manipulative control.  The catheter lumen can be used to inject medium into the uterine cavity. The balloon holds the device in place. The catheter markings aid in accurate placement. The device is designed to allow quick intraoperative repositioning.

Word Catheter Silicone Bartholin Gland Balloon

Word Catheter Silicone Bartholin Gland Balloon takes the procedure out of the operating room and into the office. It allows restoration of the gland function. The main advantage of this technique is simplicity. The Cook Word Catheter has an indication for up to 28 days in IFU. During this time it properly heals the incision and helps prevent recurrence.

Harrison Fetal Bladder Stent Set

Harrison Fetal Bladder Stent Set is used in fetal urinary tract decompression following the diagnosis of fetal post-vesicular obstructive uropathy in fetuses of 18 to 32 weeks gestational age. The EchoTip® technology enhances the visualization of the needle tip under ultrasound. The usable length between pigtails is 1.5-3.5 cm.

Bakri® Postpartum Balloon with Rapid Instillation Components

Bakri® Postpartum Balloon with Rapid Instillation Components is used to provide temporary control or reduction of postpartum uterine bleeding when conservative management is warranted.  Bakri is constructed of latex-free silicone and can be used following vaginal or cesarean delivery. Set includes rapid instillation components to facilitate inflation of the balloon, 60 mL syringe, a dual check valve, and 180 cm of tubing with attached bag spike. May be used with B-lynch compression sutures if clinically warranted.

Cook® Cervical Ripening Balloon

Cook® Cervical Ripening Balloon is used for mechanical dilation of the cervical canal prior to labor induction at term when the cervix is unfavorable for induction. Creates steady pressure on the internal and external os throughout the dilation process and does not require traction.  Allows for a completely mechanical dilation method.


Doctor in fertility lab having just fertilized a human egg with sperm showing thumbs-up

Vega Medical provides Cook Medical’s bestseller Benchtop incubator, Vacuum pump, and all required disposable consumables, as well as timely and professional service and maintenance.

MINC™ Benchtop Incubators

MINC Benchtop Incubator is a microprocessor controlled, gassed, and humidified incubator. The heated chamber baseplate and lid provide a stable thermal environment for embryo culture. MINC has a rapid pH recovery which maintains homeostasis. The incubator compact size allows it to fit in small labs. There is a 24-hour digital recording of temperature and gas flow which helps fertility specialists track the status of the device. The is a time-stamped alarm that includes a description of the event and a graphical representation of data which enables rapid, comprehensive review.

Cook® Vacuum Pump

Cook® Vacuum Pump is used to provide a low flow, regulated vacuum up to -500 mm Hg for general suction. A pedal activates the vacuum response at the needle tip. The pump maintains a constant vacuum at its set level. There is a boost button on the front panel that increases the vacuum pressure to clear blockages in the ovum aspiration needle. The Vacuum pump has a volume-adjustable tone which indicates when vacuum is applied. The LED can display the vacuum pressure in mm Hg and kPa.



Availability of product and services may differ by country. Please contact us for more details.

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