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Vega Medical provides radiology solutions by the pioneering companies in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities. Our portfolio of clinically proven products and technologies is constantly evolving to help medical professionals perform more effectively and efficiently.

FujiFilm Analog Systems

Ever since creating the world’s first digital X-ray system, Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR) has stayed the leader, offering the broadest product range to suit virtually every imaging application. Vega Medical provides the full range of Fuji’s robust and reliable analog systems.

FujiFilm Digital X-Ray

Our advanced DR products deliver productivity gains for radiologists while maximizing image quality and reducing patient waiting time.
Our new generation X-ray solutions, provide multi-function, high-quality, cost-effective X-ray solutions. We offer ceiling suspended X-ray tube configurations, as well as a floor, mounted X-ray tube option for use with the upright stand and table, providing flexible solutions for any imaging department. The systems are compatible with Fujifilm’s latest D-EVO II series DR panels with their advanced features and high image quality.


Fujifilm’s FDR Go PLUS redefines mobile imaging with improved mobility, workflow and Image Quality. Building on Fujifilm’s advanced image quality and dose performance, the FDR Go PLUS provides a sophisticated yet simple harmonized mobile operation.

  • Uncompromising in the pursuit of improved workflow
  • Highly maneuverable system FDR Go PLUS
  • High sensitivity detector FDR D-EVO II
  • Advanced image processing

FDR Nano

Fujifilm provides a new solution with a compact digital X-ray cart system for critical moments you face every day.

  • Ultra-lightweight, compact digital X-ray cart
  • “Virtual Grid” provides a high-contrast image without using a grid
  • Lightweight, easy insertion, waterproof/antibacterial Cassette DR
  • Main parts fully coated with new “Hydro Ag” technology


Fujifilm DR detector technology has evolved to be smart. Smart use of dose. Smart image processing. Smart construction to withstand tough clinical environments. Smart design for easier technologist handling and patient positioning.

D-EVO II is equipped with LEDs at the center of each of the four sides of the detector that makes it easy to check the center position during imaging. Select from five colors to make it easier to distinguish devices when using multiple detectors.

The detector itself can store up to 100 images in internal memory. This eliminates the work of carrying around multiple CR cassettes found in conventional systems. Furthermore, it allows you to perform rapid imaging, such as at night or during an emergency.

With the CsI columnar crystal scintillator combined with the ISS system, D-EVO suppresses light scattering and energy attenuation to be impossible with existing reading systems to create images with low dosages and high resolution.

D-EVO II is not only the most lightweight flat panel detector, but its features of waterproof and high weight capacity put it on the top of the ranking, providing the best quality needed in a radiology department.

With their proven reliability, convenience and remarkable operating efficiency in a compact body, FujiFilm`s printers provide a world-class high throughput speed of 80 sheets per hour. This helps in reducing the patient’s waiting time and greatly increases the efficiency of examination workflow.

Our imagers:
• Are adaptable to broader needs from small clinics to general hospitals;
• Have superb capability realized by high maximum density (enables mammography use);
• Are available in a wide range of film sizes;
• Fit anywhere, allowing maximum freedom of placement within the medical facilities.

Digital Mammography


Amulet Innovality

The new leader in the AMULET series. Tomosynthesis, 3D mammography and biopsy are all available.

FujiFilm’s mammography employs a direct-conversion flat panel detector made of Amorphous Selenium (a-Se) which exhibits excellent conversion efficiency in the mammographic X-ray spectrum. The new HCP (Hexagonal Close Pattern) detector efficiently collects electrical signal converted from X-rays to realize both high resolution and low noise.

This unique design makes it possible to realize a higher DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) than with the square pixel array of conventional TFT panels. With the information collected by the HCP detector, the mammography device creates high definition images – the finest available with a direct-conversion detector.

This low-noise and high-speed switching technology allow tomosynthesis exposures with a low X-ray dosage and short acquisition time to be performed. Fast image display is also possible, realizing a smooth mammography workflow from exposure to image display.

Ultrasound Systems


Vega Medical provides ultrasound systems that have benefited millions of people in the last years. Stable as ever, SonoScape’s latest generation of ultrasound systems provides high-quality signal transmission and reception processors which lead to higher sensitivity and more accurate echo detection. Equipped with a wide range of transducers which adopt innovative technologies, the ultrasound systems deliver a pleasant and highly-effective diagnostic experience.

Considering the various situations, you may find yourself in, our portfolio of portable ultrasound systems focuses on extremely lightweight and small devices with a laptop design providing you with an experience of confidence, mobility, and flexibility during any situation.

The models work with a wide range of transducers to fit every need for clinical application.

The professional exam mode brings new confidence in the examination experience of the physician.

Empowered by SonoScape’s new generation ultrasound platform, the trolley ultrasound systems have enhanced flexibility and intelligence that brings the user experience and quality of work to a new level. The improved signal transmission and reception processors lead to higher sensitivity and more accurate echo detection.

The trolley ultrasound systems are equipped with an extremely wide range of transducers, adopting innovative technologies for high-end diagnostic capacity and quality across a wide range of applications.

The five-frequency range of options, ensures the best quality of the transducers and thus imaging perfection. Our portable and trolley ultrasound systems can be equipped with:

• Volume probes
• Convex probes
• Linear probes
• Phased Array probes
• Pencil Type probes
• Laparoscopy probes
• TEE probes
• Bi-plane probes
• Endocavity probes
• Micro convex probes
• Single crystal probes


Availability of product and services may differ by country. Please contact us for more details.

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