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SonoScape Medical Corporation is a medical technology giant based in Shenzhen, China. Since founding the company in 2002, SonoScape’s portfolio of clinically proven products and technologies is constantly evolving to help medical professionals perform more effectively and efficiently. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasound diagnostic equipment worldwide.

Partnering with SonoScape, Vega Medical brings to the market reliable, innovative, and cost-efficient ultrasound systems. We stay committed to attain our aim to improve medical services and the quality of patient lives.


Portable Ultrasound Systems


E1 is a portable black and white ultrasound system with excellent performance and a reliable hardware platform. The device reaches a maximum of 15 MHz scanning frequency, which enables high resolution in surface structure studies. The depth of penetration of convex probes is up to 40 cm, ensuring precise diagnostics in corpulent patients. Transducers with up to 128 elements and a software package including five different algorithms for automatic and manual image optimization, are applied to achieve optimal images. The model is equipped with a medical LED display having a diagonal of 15.6” to reduce the load during prolonged operation. The operator also benefits from the low system weight which is only 6.5 kg with а battery included.


E2 and E3 are portable color ultrasonic systems with wide functionality and excellent upgrading capabilities. Мodels in the E series offer a complete range of Doppler modes and more than 20 transducer models, suitable for all common practice applications. It is possible to add a third active transducer port to the device body. This option helps to avoid the need for frequent probe replacement, thus it is speeding up the workflow and reducing transducer connector amortization. The possibility of upgrading with a cardiologic package, including a CW Doppler, an anatomical M-mode, a tissue Doppler, and an ECG module extends model diagnostic capabilities and enables multidisciplinary workstation completion. The software package includes six different algorithms for automatic and manual image optimization, also in PW, CFM, and CW modes. To speed up the workflow the models E2/E3 are equipped with automatic Doppler mode curve tracking and automatic baseline and scale correction in PW and CW modes.


Models X3/X5 are a part of the X series of portable ultrasound systems based on a powerful hardware platform with a compact design and excellent image quality. SonoScape X3/X5 develop their potential in highly specialized clinics and practices with high workloads and the need for precise ultrasound diagnostics with maximum system portabilities. The devices are used in Cardiovascular, Endocrinological, Urological, Musculoskeletal, and Neonatal studies and show better results than any other device in their class. The systems are equipped with extremely high frame rates, a precise color Doppler, a high-speed CW Doppler, and crystal clear B-mode imaging. Examinations in small organs and vessel testing are achieved thanks to the high-frequency linear probes. Models are equipped with a medical LED display featuring improved contrast and anti-reflective coating for ease of use in rooms where light intensity is high. Low weight, fast start-up, and a built-in battery achieve maximum comfort in everyday work. The design of the X series is honored with the iF Product Design Award in Germany.

Mobile and Trolley Ultrasound Systems

P9/P10 series models are a cost-effective choice for the specialists that require high comfort in their work and rely on the uncompromising quality of their ultrasound system. The model’s platform enables in-depth customized settings in compliance with the regular work of specialists, reducing operator workload and usual exam duration. Routine measurements and calculations are performed in one step. Precise automatic image optimization features are provided to maximize diagnostic value during an accelerated workflow. The model design combines an attractive appearance and a functional console in compliance with high user demands. The modes parameters are controlled by a convenient 13” touch screen with tilt change capability.

SonoScape P20 is the most flexible ultrasound system in SonoScape’s portfolio. The versatile basic equipment and the advanced package of optional features allow for the construction of a highly specialized diagnostic system of the latest generation. The model offers a crystal image in all modern modalities and modes of operation. The system offers advanced functionalities in Cardiovascular, Abdominal, Obstetrical and Gynecological studies. The powerful hardware platform guarantees high-speed operation and a solid foundation for future functional and software enhancements. The wide range of transducers enables ultrasound device adaption to the requirements of highly specialized diagnostic units in all areas of ultrasound imaging diagnostics. The model offers maximum efficiency through a wide range of individual upgrading packages. The workflow is optimized by an adaptive touchscreen display and a console that is capable of moving in all directions.


SonoScape’s P models are premium ultrasound systems with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, specialized modes of operation, and crystal imaging. Series models are the safest choice of the busiest diagnostic units in leading medical establishment structures. Versatile basic equipment enables the direct application of the devices in each ultrasound imaging diagnostics field. Compatible single crystal transducers provide high-quality images in all modalities.

S60 – The Artificial Intelligence Based Ultrasound Platform

S60 provides optimal user experience by taking ergonomics and unhindered workflow into consideration. It is a premium system that keeps your practice at the forefront of ultrasound examinations and enables you to provide meticulous care for patients.

S60 is based on the innovative Wis+ platform that provides high-quality ultrasound practice with quicker and more accurate examinations. Wis+ is the latest SonoScape’s ultrasound platform using deep-learning-based algorithms. It adopts programs known as Convolutional Neural Networks to replicate the way of the human brain, analyzes visual images in order to learn and evolve, developing and enhancing its ability to recognize and analyze tissue structures and lesion characteristics. Therefore, it helps ultrasound professionals acquire and interpret ultrasound images efficiently and precisely.


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