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We provide a full range of high and low-power holmium and thulium lasers for every procedure in stone treatment and soft tissue endo-surgery (BPH). We also provide the latest innovation for vaginal rejuvenation – two-wave laser GaAs and CO2 for hospitals’ surgical divisions. A variety of sizes of single and multi-use fibers are also available for each laser system.

Cook Medical H-30 ™ Holmium Laser System is highly effective in the treatment of soft tissue diseases and urinary stones. Multiple uses for lithotripsy and percutaneous lithotripsy are also indicated. A variable pulse width prevents stone migration and maximizes tissue coagulation. Incredible reliability and effectiveness make the H-30 ™ Holmium Laser System the ideal “workhorse” for the urology department.

Quanta Cyber Ho 60W laser (2.1 μm) meets the increasing demand of efficacy, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness with a unique multi-application laser platform able to perform both Lithotripsy and HoLEP. Cyber Ho brings outstanding innovation by offering the exclusive Vapor Tunnel and
MasterPULSE technology for advanced retropulsion control, along with impressive energy and frequency (up to 60 Hz) settings.

Quanta Cyber Ho 100 W laser (2.1 μm) meets the increasing demand of efficacy, flexibility with a unique multi-application laser platform able to perform both Lithotripsy and HoLEP. Cyber Ho 100 can reach up to 105 W power and brings outstanding innovation by offering the exclusive Vapor TunnelTM and MasterPULSETM technology for advanced retropulsion control. This device further offers impressive settings regarding energy and frequency (up to 80 Hz).


Quanta System Cyber Thulium Family 150/220 W

Cyber TM represents the family of high power Thulium (Tm:YAG) laser dedicated to BPH and urology treatments. Other applications include open, laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery to perform excision, resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation and hemostasis of soft tissues. Its 2 μm radiation is strongly absorbed by water (highly present in all tissues), so that the cutting and vaporization speed remains relatively constant during the procedure, regardless of tissue vascularization.

The laser beam penetrates only a fraction of a millimeter in the tissue, providing the surgeon with a high degree of control and reducing substantially the risk of inadvertent injury.

Thanks to its unique laser properties and minimal damage, Thulium laser allows effective excision, cutting, ablation and coagulation of soft tissues in different medical specialties. Apart from Urology, Cyber TM can be used in Thoracic Surgery, Partial Nephrectomy, Gastroenterology, ENT, General Surgery, Gynecology. Based on that, this laser device can address multiple needs from different wards of the same hospital.


Quanta System Two Wavelength Endovaginal Laser System

Shelase is the newest, not invasive, laser vaginal rejuvenation system to reduce vaginal atrophy and laxity and for the vulvar aesthetic surgery. Shelase is a dual laser treatment by GaAs 1540 nm and CO2 10600 nm for effective vaginal mucosa’s resurfacing and tightening for a significant improvement in a patient’s quality of life, sexual satisfaction and an immediately return to normal activities.



Vega Medical provides all interventional technologies that support diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in adult and pediatric urology with an emphasis on stone management and male pelvic health. We offer a complete line of specialty urology products including stents, wires, access sheets, dilators, laser fibers, catheters, and biopsy devices.


Together with Cook Medical, we offer a complete line of specialty urology products for Ureteroscopy and Flexible Ureteroscopy Procedures:

• Catheters – wide range of atraumatic ureteral and silicon foley catheters
• Stents – 6 and 12 months, metal stent Resonance™ for patients with extrinsic ureteral obstruction
• Wires – all types of hydrophilic, with different tip configuration and firmness
• Access sheets – hydrophilic coating and reinforced body
• Dilators – a wide range of conventional and balloon-assisted devices.
• Accessories and biopsy devices are available in multiple variations and sizes upon request


Our complete line of specialty urology products for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Procedures includes:

• Catheters – Dual lumen and occlusion catheters
• Wires – all types of hydrophilic, with different tip configuration and firmness
• Dilators – a wide range of conventional and balloon-assisted devices
• Suction device – LithAssist allows controlled suction during PCNL procedure


Biodesign® is a biologic graft technology is used for surgical repair of Peyronie’s disease supporting the body’s ability to restore itself—providing strength and flexibility for reinforcement and correction of penile curvature.
Biodesign® is easy to hydrate and suture and minimizes scar tissue formation. Once in place, the body completely remodels Biodesign® into strong, vascularized tissue. Procedures using Biodesign® do not require additional surgery to obtain donor tissue.

Sacral Neuromodulation


Sacral Neuromodulation is a proven treatment option for bladder control and bowel control. Sacral Neuromodulation is delivered via the Medtronic InterStim™ system. The implanted neurostimulator and lead electrically stimulate the sacral nerve which is thought to normalize neural communication between the bladder and brain and between the bowel and brain. Unlike oral medications that target the muscular component of bladder control, Sacral Neuromodulation offers control of symptoms through direct modulation of the nerve activity.

More than 225,000 patients worldwide have received Sacral Neuromodulation for Bladder Control and Bowel Control.

Never Stop Improving

To be on the cutting edge, you have to sharpen your skills. Cook Medical’s Vista education and training programs provide you with specialized training on the latest product innovations. At a Vista course, you will learn from physicians who have extensive experience, are integrally involved in their respective societies, and are passionate about training.

Reference Center training courses: Supine PCNL; Flexible Ureteroscopy URS; Supine PCNL and Flexible URS; Endoscopic Combined Intrarenal Surgery.

Together with Cook Medical, we seek to improve patient care by encouraging physician and industry collaboration through the sharing of best practices, advanced techniques, and useful, innovative technologies. We are proud to have Vista trainees from all over the region, so we can share our expertise and transfer knowledge across borders.



Availability of product and services may differ by country. Please contact us for more details.

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